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Aluminum base plate

Aluminum base plate series

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The thermal conductivity of the insulation parts is 3W/mk·7W/mk
Halogen free material
Resistance to tracking CTI is 600V
Stable production and supply of 1 × 3m large size products


Electronics and electrical fields
LED package
LED lighting
LCD TV LED backlight
Automotive LED headlight substrate

Car, train, plane

Electronic component
Automotive LED headlight substrate

Technical Information

Aluminum-based copper clad laminate (PDF 5, 874K)

New Product

  • > FR-4 double-sided sheet & CEM-3 sheet series

    Double-sided epoxy copper clad laminates are used in a wide range of applications.

  • > FR-4 multi-layer sheet series

    The resin mixing technology of Sumitomo Bakelite was adopted.

  • > FR-1 sheet series

    The production of phenolic resin copper clad laminates is strictly in accordance with the quality assurance system.

  • > Aluminum base plate series

    The material has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, high withstand voltage and high reliability.

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